Baby Swimming

Get lots of ideas and inspiration for your teaching

Get lots of ideas and inspiration for your teachingThe courses include:Dynamic teams that are mixed with both rehearsed and new babies.Fast-paced exercises with different levels of difficultyHigh-development exercises.Exercises that create joy and well-beingDeveloping the personality of babiesProgramme of interaction between baby and motherMany natural exercises with, among other things, dive/freediving Dynamic baby swimming – exercises [...]

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Every baby has its own personality

Every baby has its own personality When a parent attends the baby swimming class for the first time and lowers herself and her baby down in the soothing water, she will experience an immediate sense of wellbeing and comfort.. The resistance of the water on the body caresses the parent and baby. The baby [...]

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The baby’s development

The baby’s development Welcome to Aquafeelings the interactive instructor training course, "Active Baby Swimming." Aquafeelings has, in the last 14 years, taught over 7,000 babies. We have developed a program that we are happy to share with you. The basis of our unique approach is that the learning does not always depend on what [...]

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