Every baby has its own personality

When a parent attends the baby swimming class for the first time and lowers herself and her baby down in the soothing water, she will experience an immediate sense of wellbeing and comfort..

The resistance of the water on the body caresses the parent and baby. The baby is experiencing a soft massage that is both soothing and stimulating.

The benefits of Active Baby Swimming are unique, and it is a gift to be appreciated. It’s a question of utilizing the time to its fullest – and to look forward to a wealth of exciting experiences.

Every baby has its own personality, just as every family is different. Therefore, it is a big challenge for you to be an instructor who is not only focused on the lesson but more on the needs and well-being of the baby and parents.

Just as parents must teach their baby to learn, then you should also teach the family to learn. You must find out what you can do to promote the desire, and joy and stimulate them to do their best.

Each class should result with the parents and babies always feeling safe and taking home many new positive experiences.