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  • All instuctors in the company or club can attend the course once or separately.
  • Over 30 video clips with exercises for babies from 2 – 24 months.
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Get new inspiration and ideas

In the course, we will tell you everything from A-Z, how to create a dynamic teaching of baby swimming..

Successful baby swimming program has developed and tested a successful baby swimming program unlike any other in the world!.

We has, in the last 14 years, taught over 7,000 babies

We have developed a program that we are happy to share with you. The basis of our unique approach is that the learning does not always depend on what the baby wants. Babies can do much more than their parents think..

The benefits of Active Baby Swimming are unique.

When a parent attends the baby swimming class for the first time and lowers herself and her baby down in the soothing water, she will experience an immediate sense of wellbeing and comfort..

The resistance of the water on the body caresses the parent and baby. The baby is experiencing a soft massage that is both soothing and stimulating.

The benefits of Active Baby Swimming are unique, and it is a gift to be appreciated. It’s a question of utilizing the time to its fullest – and to look forward to a wealth of exciting experiences.

Every baby has its own personality.

Every baby has its own personality, just as every family is different. Therefore, it is a big challenge for you to be an instructor who is not only focused on the lesson but more on the needs and well-being of the baby and parents.

Just as parents must teach their baby to learn, then you should also teach the family to learn. You must find out what you can do to promote the desire, and joy and stimulate them to do their best.

Each class should result with the parents and babies always feeling safe and taking home many new positive experiences.

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Insturctor and teacher

Birgitte & Allan Merrild

We has taught thousands of babies in Denmark. We have many parents who have driven as much as 50 miles, or, 80 km, to get to baby swimming. Baby Swimming has been so successful that we had as many as 42 separate group classes per week.

Background for the course course contains over 30 video clips with many exciting exercises. The course is intended for instructors who teach teams of 10 – 15 babies and their mothers at once.

As an instructor, you need to be able to create a dynamic teaching that gives babies and their mothers a great experience every single time. You need to create confidence and teach the mothers and their babies how to perform dynamic baby swimming.

Dynamic Baby Swimming

Active baby swimming is based on several things, but the following items will be highlighted in particular to achieve the desired result:
– High pace
– High intensity
– Many dives
– Joy and joy
– Proximity, love and development

Compound with natural exercises and performed in the right way that is being trained again and again. In order to achieve the desired result, it is important that mother / dad gives the correct signals to his baby – shows his joy and enthusiasm and praises the baby for any progress he / she makes.

Many will find Aqua Feelings’s teaching very different from other places, and maybe also a little cross-border the first time. But when our students have gone to babyswimming 7 times where we have come through all the exercises, they will be quick so with that. They can quickly see the progress of their baby – and the excitement will not end. What’s happening is: Instead of training babyswimming, where “baby’s knowledge becomes a part,” we do the opposite: “We make it a natural part”
– and it’s something completely different and unique that will followt the child rest of life.

Learning is underway

Basic learning is already underway from birth and is formed over the first 2 years. The baby begins to perceive himself as a physical individual, and therefore affecting positive character is important.

When the mother then experiences the rapid progress of her baby, a special environment is created “a healing environment”. There is a very positive environment in the basin, which acts so relaxing on the babies that the water has a healing effect.

The free dive is an important element of baby swimming. The many dives composed at high tempo, result in it becoming a natural part for the baby to engage in water, rather than becoming a learned part later in life.

Sense of Touch

The sense of sense is (together with the vision) the baby’s most important tool when it comes to knowing the world.

For small children, touch is vital. It is also natural for most mothers to caress the pregnant stomach when you feel the movements of the fetus. After the birth, the mother goes on to caress her baby, which instinctively belongs to the identification phase where mother and baby learn to know each other. As the baby grows and herself grabs and holds things, the child takes everything to the mouth.

The reason is that around and in the mouth there are many feel receptors that are stimulated. In this way, the baby learns to distinguish not only taste but consistency, texture and temperature. Mouth and fingers explore everything – including the parents. The baby wants to whip in hair or put her finger into the parents’ nose, mouth or eyes. In the water you will experience the same behavior pattern. The baby will taste and feel the things in the pool, and of course also on the water.

It’s an adventure every time your baby is in the pool, and it’s important to let the child run out for his curiosity. Water is a fantastic element, also in relation to the sensation: When we lower the body into water, we become affected throughout the body at the same time. It may be experienced by some babies very intensely and strongly stimulating

Use music in the teaching of baby swimming

A hot water pool is the right place for the baby to be. They love to move in the soft component, where from the outset can feel the weightlessness and the freedom of movement, the water gives them.

Water has some unique properties, which in one way or another affects our minds in a positive direction. This also applies to adults.

No other activity can in half an hour giving babies as many senses as baby swimming can. To enhance the experience in the pool and to create security, we use music for teaching.

When using music in your teaching, so it does not take very long before you have created a great atmosphere in the pool. The music also affects the rhythm-related senses, which stimulates both babies and mothers to make it all a breeze.

The music helps to create the pace that you want. By using through-the same music every time, so you get to create a sense of security among the babies and mothers. You know what will happen.

The music helps to create a more effective and targeted education.

Babies are very emotive.

All their actions are informed by emotional center in the brain. The baby has an innate intuition of what:

• is well

• and not good.

Just as we found out that the signals mother gives to her baby, is crucial for baby’s behavior and state of mind right here and now.

The baby’s state of mind may also be influenced by experiences at home. There may be a great many things that can affect the baby’s state of mind in a negative direction. Therefore, it may in any case be difficult for the mother to interpret why the baby is unhappy.

While we find that surprisingly many parents find it very difficult to praise their babies or children. It drops them more naturally to correct their children when they do something wrong. If such a big baby. throw food onto the floor, so Mum says: No! You must not, so take food from you mom.

Whereas if a big baby eats well, it’s far from natural for the mother praising the baby with: Where are you clever.

Therefore we decided to build baby swimming up on the basis that:  Change the negative state of mind for a very positive state of mind of both mother and baby.

We know that 90% of our actions is based on the subconscious. This means that the acts we daily do not conscious. They are based on huge storage of experiences and impressions from the previous days, weeks, etc.

Is there a mother of a baby who is not just right at the top, and may be controlled somewhat by negative mind, she can easily get to give wrong signals to her baby. Or even worse, the baby can sense that mother is not really attentive and fully present.

Babies can do much more than their parents think
  • Don't hold the baby back
  • Praise the baby
  • Smile and show your enthusiasm

When teaching classes with
10 -15 babies at once.

  • baby has its own personality
  • teach the family to learn
  • many new positive experiences

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  • 1 months access to the course
  • All instructors in the company or club can attend the course once or separately.
  • Over 30 video clips with exercises for babies from 2 – 24 months.
  • Course folder for printing.
  • You can ask for a certificate.


  • 12 months access to the course
  • Alla instructors in the company or club can attend the course once or separately.
  • Over 30 video clips with exercises for babies from 2 – 24 months.
  • Course folder for printing
  • You can ask for at cetificate.

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The certificate is issued to the person who has completed the course. When ordering the certificate, you must provide the name of the person.

Certificates may be issued to several students in the same club.

The course is not subject to any authorities or their standard, as is a privately developed course that has been successfully used in denmark and the rest of the world for several years.

How you can use the certificate in your country is up to the individual person and place.

How you can use the certificate in your country is up to the individual person and place.

The course includes information about the babies’ diving reflex and lots of exercises for babies 8 weeks to 24 months.

How you can teach 10 to 15 babies and their mothers at once.

The course includes information about the babies’ diving reflex and lots of exercises for babies 8 weeks to 24 months.

How you can teach 10 to 15 babies and their mothers at once.

We have been testing the course for 14 years on over 7,000 babies with amazing results.